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The Empire hired you immediately, giving you a special mission. You are to go to The Shaded Vale, and investigate a minor plague or disaster or some other sort of affliction.
Sure, the Empire considers it seriously low priority. Otherwise they wouldn’t send you. It’ll probably be wrapped up in a week. Still, it’s your first job, no doubt the first of many!

After the events of the Shaded Plague incident, the party awakens outside of The Shaded Vale to discover an ominous message:
“In seven days, the sky shall fall, and Fort Elon shall burn; with or without its citizens inside. You can save them, or you can save yourselves. The choice is yours”

Welcome to the Campaign Wiki! Here you can find pertinent information on lore in the world of the Empire! Make sure to read up on important topics, such as the Continent of Wahyss, The Confluence Wars, and The Inquisition.

Or maybe, you should brush up on your knowledge of The Remus Organization.

Main Page

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